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Industry Information

Tight Lines believes in educating our clients on the good, bad, standards and benchmarks in home and renovation construction. There are a number of excellent sources of information online and we provide a sample of these below.

Okanagan Valley
A complete site providing you with information, knowledge and a snapshot into the opportunities, business and vacation destinations within the Okanagan. Guaranteed, once you come, you will always want to move here.

Construction Resource
Construction Resource is a user friendly site where we provide information to homeowners, buyers, sellers, and contractors on a number of different topics ranging from planning, contract negotiation and current building technologies and trends.

A site with more than 19,000 plans available for any taste, location and budget. This site is constantly updated with new plans and resources to help you achieve your dreams, this site is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use source for home plans on the Web.

Home Building Pitfalls
A site dedicated to educating home builders, renovators and developers on what to look for and avoid.