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Tight Lines Completes Complex Foundation and Pier Project

November 25, 2006, Naramata, B.C. — Tight Lines Construction Ltd. today announced it has successfully completed a project involving the replacement and repair of a foundation and slab, and reconstruction of walls/ceiling. The project also involved the drilling and placement of piers to support the foundation, which was sinking due after being built over an underground spring.

The project was initiated by the home owner when he noticed cracking in the ceiling and walls of one of the rooms in his home, as well as extensive cracking of an exterior cement sidewalk. Upon removing portions of the sidewalk, a large sink hole was revealed and it was obvious that the affected section of home had been built over an underground water source.

Significant excavation was performed, and piers were drilled up to 35 feet into the ground and subsequently used to support the shoring of the foundation. The slab in the affected room was replaced and all interior / exterior re-finishing was completed. Extensive landscaping and work on both drainage and septic systems was completed to optimize the drainage of water from this very large home.

“When I saw the 10 ft sink hole under my house, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that this was a reality,” said the home owner. “Anthony calmed me down and put a logical plan on the table to fix it, and he simply went out and did it. He and his crew, and the sub-contractors he hired, restored things to their original state and did so very quickly,” added the homeowner.

“This was certainly one of the more interesting projects I have had in my career,” said Anthony Deane, President, Tight Lines Contracting. “It was obvious what had to be done. I knew the right people were available to do the job, they were available and we solved a potentially very expensive problem in a very short time frame. I know the owner is very relieved and extremely happy,” added Deane.

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